Oklahoma State Students getting crazy in the Boone Pickens Student Section


Boone Pickens Stadium Sections

The Boone Pickens Stadium student sections are located in sections 109-116 in the lower level, sections 215-223 in the middle level and sections 324-330 in the upper level.  The student sections at Boone Pickens Stadium are on the North West Endzone/Corner going towards the visitors bench. All student sections for the Oklahoma State Cowboys football games are general admission with a first-come first-serve basis. A student ticket is required to sit in the student section, and a Oklahoma State Cowboys student ID is required to enter the stadium with this type of ticket. If you're planning on sitting in the Boone Pickens Stadium student section, you should also plan to arrive early to get a good seat!


Boone Pickens Stadium Environment

The home side of Boone Pickens Stadium is located on the South sideline of the stadium, located in sections 101-108, 201-210 and 301-310 in the upper level.  The great home field advantage that the 60,000 seats that Boone Pickens Stadium offers, as well as the student section, is that the sidelines are pretty much the tightest in all of football. Most seats at football stadiums would start around 15 yards from the playing area, or more. At Boone Pickens Stadium, the seats start about 15 feet from the field, which means the seats are even closer to the players benches! It's been explained to be kind of like a basketball environment, where the fans almost seem to be hovering over the players, which is a great thing for the home team, but can be very unnerving for the opponents! Especially with the student section of Boone Pickens being right near the visitors bench, it has got to be very distracting for the visiting team!


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