Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis
Team Number:54
Birth Date:02/20/1987
Position:Offensive Line

More Info
Andrew Lewis was born on February 20, 1987 and grew up in Jopin, Missouri. He was a versatile player who played both sides of the ball. On offense, Andrew Lewis was the center and a tackle on defense. He was a first-team all-state selection and all-conference at both spots.

In 2005, Andrew Lewis chose to redshirt. In 2006 he saw action in 26 snaps as a backup. In 2007, Andrew Lewis started three games as left guard before playing center for the final nine games. He was even picked to be the Oklahoma Cowboys' MVP in two games.

Andrew Lewis played even more in 2008. He started every game and had 59 tackles and 10 blocks. He participated in 880 snaps.

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