Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden
Team Number:4
Birth Date:10/14/1983

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Brandon Weeden was born on October 14, 1983 and grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. His path to the Oklahoma Cowboys took an unusual route with a stop along the way to play some pro baseball. He was a second round draft pick in 2002 and headed off to play with the New York Yankees. He played for the New York-Penn League as pitcher and was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

After opting out of pro ball, Brandon Weeden headed back to college. He redshirted on the Oklahoma Cowboys football team in 2007 and in 2008 as an old freshman, he played in one game and made a pass for 8 yards.

Back in high school, Brandon Weeden was top at Sante Fe and led the team to the state semifinals. He was the team MVP and second among Oklahoma high school players with 2,863 passing yards.

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