Brayden Stringer

Brayden Stringer
Team Number:17
Birth Date:12/31/1969

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Number 17, Brayden Stringer, hails from Lawton, Oklahoma. He graduated from Eisenhower High School in 2009.

Brayden Stringer is 6'4" and 216 pounds--a decent size for an Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback. Brayden Stringer is known for his throwing accuracy and good coachability.

Brayden Stringer will be prepared to train under Brandon Weeden as the Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback. Brayden Stringer also faces still competition from freshmen or sophomore Oklahoma State Cowboys teammates who are all trained in the position. Players like Jase Chicoat, Johnny Deaton, Nathan Sorenson and Clint Chelf are all waiting to step into the limelight.

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