Colton Chelf

Colton Chelf
Team Number:31
Birth Date:03/24/1989
Position:Wide Receiver

More Info
Colton Chelf was born March 24, 1989 and grew up in Enid, Oklahoma. His father played for the Oklahoma Cowboys and Colton's younger brother, Clint, is currently on the team, too, as a a quarterback.

Colong Chelf played high school football and was picked as an outstanding wide receiver as a senior. He caught 41 passes for 773 yards and 7 touchdowns. He went to junior college at Northeast Oklahoma A&M in Miami, Oklahoma. He was top on the squad with 33 catches for 561 yards.

Next up, Colton Chelf walked-on to the Oklahoma Cowboys team and played for a bit in spring 2009 on the receiving squad.

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