Donald Booker

Donald Booker
Team Number:44
Birth Date:08/05/1987

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Donald Booker was born on Aug. 5, 1987 and grew up in Houston, Texas. He played for the Klein Forest High School team where he was a first time all state athlete and defensive MVP for his team.

Donald Booker played two seasons at Navarro Junior College. He was even a team captain by his second season. As a freshman at Navarro, Donald Booker made 66 tackles, 44 of which were solo. During his sophomore year, Donald Booker was top in the country in tackles. He made 161 tackles, including 107 solo stops and 9.5 tackles for loss. He was soon named All-American by the NJCAA and JC Gridwire and was team MVP.

Donald Booker played in 2008 for the Oklahoma Cowboys. He didn't start any games but managed to finish with 32 tackles. Insiders predict that he'll see lots of playing time his senior season.

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