Jamal Mosley

Jamal Mosley
Team Number:88
Birth Date:09/30/1989
Position:Tight End

More Info
Jamal Mosley, born Sept. 30, 1989, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated from Kingsbury High School in 2008.

In high school, Jamal Mosley was recognized by the Tennessee high school coaches as a Division I all-state honoree. Scout.com put him as the top 30th tight end prospect in the U.S. meanwhile SuperPrep rated Jamal Mosley as the 17th best football player in all of Tennessee, no matter their position. During his senior year, Jamal Mosley caught 24 receptions for 479 yards ending up with seven touchdowns. He fielded college offers from Tennessee, Ole Miss, Michigan State, Kentucky and North Carolina before committing to the Oklahoma Cowboys.

As a true freshman in 2008, Jamal Mosley participated in 11 games, catching 5 passes for 57 yards.

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