Jared Glover

Jared Glover
Team Number:96
Birth Date:12/31/1969
Position:Defensive End

More Info
Jared Glover was raised in Bixby, Oklahoma. He graduated from Bixby High School after a strong football career.

Jared Glover stands 6'4" and weighs in at 245 pounds. He is known for his strength in lifting and in charging at opponents and can be an intimidating figure onfield.

Jared Glover wears number 96 on the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. Jared Glover is known for his positive, upbeat attitude and though he spent time on the scout teams, he used it to better his playing and saw it as an advantage when he returned to varsity level action with the klahoma State Cowboys football team.

Jared Glover entered the 2010 season as a junior, ready for action. Willhe earn playing time as a defensive end over fellow teammates like Jamie Blatnick and Bryson Hutchins? To see for yourself, get to a game live. All it takes is a klahoma State Cowboys football ticket!

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