Jase Chilcoat

Jase Chilcoat
Team Number:9
Birth Date:12/31/1969

More Info
Jase Chilcoat hails from Midwest City, Oklahoma. He graduated from Midwest City High School in 2009 after being a strong team player and leader on and off the football field.

Jase Chilcoat opted to redshirt his 2009 freshman season with the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. He used the year to build up his throwing accuracy and technique and to learn how to handle the challenges of college level football.

Jase Chilcoat is definitely at a height disadvantage. Standing at 5'11" can be a bit of difficulty when attempting to see downfield and over the helmets of 6'6" players. However, he is known for accurate throws and seems to get the job done.

Perhaps Jase Chilcoat's biggest challenge is to find playing time. The Oklahoma State Cowboys football team added a crazy number of quarterbacks to its roster--5 all together--so playing time will be fiercely defended. To see who earns that starting spot or the back-up role, purchase your Oklahoma State Cowboys football tickets today!

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