Keith Toston

Keith Toston
Team Number:5
Birth Date:05/06/1987

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Keith Toston was born on May 6, 1987 and grew up in Angleton, Texas. His grandfather was a pro football player for several years and Keith Toston is a third generation athlete.

In high school, Keith Toston ran 156 times for 1,564 yards and 18 touchdowns his senior season. He was one of the top prospects coming out of football-talented Texas and he selected the Oklahoma Cowboys as his next level of action.

During his freshman season in 2006, Keith Tolston notched 631 rushing yards and averaged 6 yards per rush. Keith Tolston played in 12 out of 13 games, missing the one due to injury. He also had six touchdowns. In 2007, he competed in 11 games before injury sidelined him. During that time he caught 8 passes.

In 2008, Keith Tolston was top on the team among runningbacks after totaling 6.7 yards per rush with nine touchdowns. He has evolved into a prominent player and team leader. To see him live, purchase your Oklahoma Cowboys tickets today!

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