Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson
Team Number:9
Birth Date:12/31/1969
Position:Wide Receiver

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Number 9 Kevin Johnson fielded an incredible near 30 scholarship offers coming out of high school from places as all across the country: Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois and Minnesota. What drew these schools to Kevin Johnson? For starters, his speed. Kevin Johnson can burn past players effortlessly and runs the 40 in 4.39 seconds. Secondly, Kevin Johnson is a very versatile player who has competed at a variety of positions including wide receiver, running back, quarterback, safety and returned kicks.

As a senior at Cpress Ridge in Houston, Texas, Kevin Johnson amassed 485 rushing yards, 412 receiving yards and was top in the system for kick returns. Back in his junior season, Kevin Johnson tallied 690 receiving yards with 12 touchdowns.

Kevin Johnston graduated from high school in 2010. He faced a new level of competition internally on the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team with players like Justin Gilbert, Montra Nelson, and Nick Rockwell among others angling for playing time.

Kevin Johnson and the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team is ready to go for this fall. To see them live, purchase your Oklahoma State Cowboys football tickets today!

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