Kye Staley

Kye Staley
Team Number:9
Birth Date:08/21/1990

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Kye Staley was born on Aug. 21, 1990 and hails from Guthrie, Oklahoma. He graduated from Guthrie High School in 2008.

At Guthrie, Kye Staley became a nationally recognized player. He was considered the number one player in the entire state of Oklahoma! SuperPrep even put him as the sixth best prospect in the entire U.S. among all athletes. He passed for 625 yards and caught 10 passes for 320 yards during his senior year and was soon named an All-American. Kye Staley competed in multiple positions and this versatility helped his team make it to the state championship game.

After courting offers from several schools, Kye Staley chose the Oklahoma Cowboys and decided to redshirt in 2008.

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