Lucien Antoine

Lucien Antoine
Team Number:31
Birth Date:06/04/1985
Position:Defensive Back

More Info
Lucien Antoine was born on June 4, 1985 in Haiti and grew up in Coral Springs, Florida. He graduated from Coral Springs High School after wrapping up a stellar basketball career as an "all-star" participant. In fact, it wasn't until junior college that Lucien Antoine even started focusing exclusively on football.

He headed off to Fort Scott Community College and began making a name for himself. He had 110 tackles, second on the team, his sophomore year. He was first on the team in solo tackles with 72. His team finished second in the 2007 conference race.

In 2008, Lucien Antoine was a starter in the first game but succumbed to a season ending injury in the second game. Lucien Antoine should be back in fighting form in 2009. To see him live, purchase your Oklahoma Cowboys tickets today!

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