OSU Cheerleaders

OSU Cheerleaders
Team Number:1
Birth Date:01/01/2010

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The Oklahoma State University Cowboys Cheerleaders are thought of as one of America’s top college spirit groups. OSU cares about their cheerleaders and makes sure they will have no financial obligations to worry about due to cheering for the Cowboys, such as travel expenses and uniforms.

The Cowboys Cheerleaders are given the opportunity to travel all over the country, including athletic games in Hawaii, Florida and even a cruise to the Bahamas. To be the best cheer team they can be, the OSU Cheerleaders are to attend all sporting events to really understand their role on the spirit squad. The Cowboys Cheerleaders are dedicated to their school on and off the field, and strive to build as much comradery among their fellow students as they can.

While not at a sporting event, the Oklahoma Cowboys Cheerleaders can be seen at various charity functions or fundraisers, serving as ambassadors for their school. The Cowboys Cheerleaders take much pride in OSU and it really shows is their performances. Join the OSU Cowboys Cheerleaders for a great show at any OSU sporting event.

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