Taylor Sokolosky

Taylor Sokolosky
Team Number:27
Birth Date:10/31/1987

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Taylor Sokolosky was born on Oct. 31, 1987 and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He attended Cascia Hall High School, though you could find Taylor Sokolosky out on the tennis courts more than the football field! He was a four time state champion in tennis and only went out for football once, during his senior year. Yet Taylor Sokolsky's natural athleticism helped him out and the Cascia Hall Commandoes went 10-3 and were state runners-up in the season he joined the squad. Over the course of the year he notched 12 touchdowns and was voted district receiver of the year.

Taylor Sokolosky played in 8 games as a walk-on freshman on the Oklahoma Cowboys team. He recorded 2 tackles. In 2008, his junior year, he recorded four tackles over seven games but was sidelined with injury and missed the rest of the season.

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