Tolu Moala

Tolu Moala
Team Number:59
Birth Date:11/12/1984

More Info
Tolu Moala was born Nov. 12, 1984 in Torrance, California. He grew up in Inglewood, California and played for the Hawthorne High School team.

Tolu Moala has an extensively athletic family and loads of relatives playing in college or NFL leagues. He was also athletic in high school and played in football, volleyball, basketball and rugby. He was the defensive player of the year and a league champion. In addition, Tolu Moala was an Eagle scout and president of the Polynesian Club.

In junior college, Tolu Moala played for the El Camino team. He made 53 tackles, 24 of which were solo. He was an all-area selection and had the change to compete on the California community college state championship team.

Tolu Moala has interesting background and lots of experience in life and on the field. See how it suits him at Oklahoma--buy your Oklahoma Cowboys tickets today.

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