Walker Smith

Walker Smith
Team Number:29
Birth Date:06/23/1986
Position:Defensive Back

More Info
Walker Smith was born in New Orleans on June 23, 1986 and he grew up in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. He played football at Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas. In football he was recognized as the south Texas player of the year in addition to other honors: all-south Texas, all-Bay Area, all-metro and all-district player. He ran track, too, specifically the 200 and 4x100 and he threw the discus.

After high school graduation, Walker Smith headed off to Wheaton State College in Illinois. He was a true freshman running back and played frequently. Injury during his sophomore year caused him to redshirt. As a junior in 2008, Walker Smith was a scout team player for the Oklahoma Cowboys.

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